Four steps to love Venice


Palazzo Ducale, Venezia

The city of Venice is situated on an archipelago of around 118 islands, connected among themselves by  more then 400 bridges!
The city is divides in six ‘sestieri’,three on the right side , three on the left side of the Grand Canal. The population usually uses the public transportation while a labyrinth of intricate narrow streets is reserved for the pedestrian.
Piazza San Marco was the religious and political centre of the Venetian Republic and can be considered the heart of the city.
The basilica of Saint Marco was erected in the course of 11th 15th centuries. It is a Greek cross architectural-plan. The golden mosaics cover 4000 sq metres of the ceiling of the basilica, thus the derivation of the basilica d’oro (Golden basilica).
Figures , stories , sacred and profane events all emerge from this shimmering background of gold.
A guided tour inside in the basilica can help you to the discover the message and the iconography of the mosaics , the sculpture, the wonderful floor.The Ducal Palace is the greatest example of Venetian-gothic architecture. The itinerary inside will help you to discover the splendor of Venice:
the courtyard, the Doges’ apartment, the rooms of the venetian government with the paintings of Tintoretto, Veronese, Tiziano, and the amazing ceilings!
The itinerary goes through the bridge of sights and the new prison.

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