Espace Louis Vuitton and Mariano Fortuny In Venice

Espace Louis Vuitton and Mariano Fortuny in Venice
Sguardi incrociati a Venezia
Jirô Taniguchi Mariano Fortuny
From June 6th to November 18th, 2014 Venice Espace Louis Vuitton , Venice (free entrance)
Since its opening in Venice the last year the Louis Vuitton espace expose some masterpieces of venetian art which restoration is paid by the Maison Vuitton . The long-term partnership with the Musei Civici Veneziani create a links between ancient and contemporary art.
The exposition includes 25 photos of Mariano Fortuny, part of the acquire of Palazzo Fortuny together with films and books of the famous Japanese manga artist Jirô Taniguchi .
Both represent Venice, the past and the present, the black and white photos of Mariano and the designs made by Taniguchi. Venice has changed a lot in the last century : the women taking the water from the well, the fishermen carrying the basket to the market, the European aristocracy visiting the city, the dresses created by Mariano and his factory to produce fabrics and printed textiles.



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