Last months to visit Irving Penn – Palazzo Grassi – Venice

Irving Penn – Palazzo Grassi – Venice

When an itinerary outside of the tourist area to discover the contemporary art in Venice is really recommended: Irving Penn ResonanceThe Illusion of Light– Palazzo Grassi ( San Samuele, on the Grand Canal of Venice)

A special guided tour to a special museum of Venice.For the first time the François Pinout Foundation in Venice organize a photo exposition. 140 famous photos of Irving Penn are exposed for the firsttime in Venice in 15 rooms at the second floor of the less venetian palace of Venice: Palazzo Grassi  on the Grand Canal.  The palace is situated at San Samuele  and was built by Giorgio Massari   with some rooms having a wonderful view facing the beautiful baroque 18th century museum built by Baldassare Longhena: Ca’Rezzonico.  The exposition shows photos of the year’s 50th of Irving Penn, like the ‘small jobs’, the famous photos for Vogues and the wonderful portraits of famous actors an artists and less knowns photos like the still live photos, where something like rubbish and puppets become art, photos of the year’s  70th and 80th  and the beautiful african women. The view pass from wonder to wonder, small alteration are  done with the selenium or argentine techniques on the photo-paper  to obtain alteration of the black and white colour and create new shadows in the photos. For the first time also the diapositives, that are part of these techniques  are exposed .

A  guided tour of Palazzo Grassi will take you through the first floor   exposition ‘The Illusion of light’ and the ‘Irving Penn Resonance’  exposition.
Private guided tour to the two expositions in Palazzo Grassi: 1,30 minutes  120,00 euro ( pick up is possible in the central hotels of Venice) from 1 to 9 people. 3,00 hour private guided tour : Visit to Palazzo Grassi and Punta della Dogana exposition: from 75,00 euro per hour  from 1 to 9 people.(the walking tour will take you from Dogana throught the Dorsoduro area, Guggenheim museum, (inside) to the Accademia to Campo Santo Stefano and Palazzo Grassi (inside).It is also possible to visits instead of one museum the Peggy Guggenheim collection.
(Tickets  : 15,00 euro Palazzo Grassi :’The Illusion of lights’ and ‘Resonance, Irving Penn’ –  20,00 euro tickets  for two museum Palazzo Grassi and Dogana museum)

For reservation and information :

PENN_Cuzco-Children@Irving Penn Foundation

Cuzco children, Irving Penn Foundation


Palazzo Grassi, Venive


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